Endovaginal / Transvaginal Ultrasound Appointment Preparation

This ultrasound is usually ordered by a specialist or added on to a pelvic exam by the sonographer/radiologist. Proceeding to an endovaginal ultrasound does not imply that there is an abnormality.  The endovaginal ultrasound uses a small, wand-like transducer, or probe, which is inserted into the vaginal cavity.  This allows for closer access to the structures that need evaluation. Most women find this examination more comfortable than a PAP test.


  • Little preparation is needed – this exam is done with an empty bladder
  • After emptying your bladder you will be given some privacy whereby you will be asked to undress from the waist down. You will then be asked to lie on an examination bed where a sheet/blanket will be provided to cover yourself.
  • The sonographer will then ask you to bend your knees and open your legs slightly (like a frog). The sonographer will pass you the probe under the sheet and you will guide it into your vagina. The probe is slightly larger than a tampon and is specifically shaped to fit comfortably into the vagina. 
  • A protective cover is placed over the probe and warm lubricating gel is applied to it for ease of insertion. The probe is always sterilized before every use. 
  • The sonographer will then take a hold of the probe and gently move it around to obtain pictures or images of the pelvis. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: at times, the sonographer may need to apply extra pressure to optimize images. If this exam becomes uncomfortable and you need to stop, tell the sonographer and the exam will cease IMMEDIATELY. 
  • A female sonographer will be conducting the exam. If you feel the need to have a chaperone present please discuss this with the booking desk or your sonographer. 
  • Given the intimate nature of this exam, you will be required to sign a patient consent form, indicating that you understand the procedure and consent to having it done. 
  • The consent form will be provided to you upon booking in person, arrival at your appointment or you can print a fill out a copy here.
  • If you choose not to have the endovaginal ultrasound, a transabdominal ultrasound (an external exam, with the probe placed on the lower portion of your abdomen, pelvic area) will be performed and images taken, provided this has not already been done. 
  • Please report to the Ultrasound check-in 15 minutes before your appointment time. 
  • You will receive a reminder call 1-2 days prior to your exam. 

NOTE: We charge $50.00 for missed appointments or for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 




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